The wonderful Bryan Fuller with Ve and Glenn.

The last two are from the Labyrinth Ball.

I know I’ve been gone and I hate that I’ve been gone, but I’m hopefully going to get back to at least being able to post photos
I miss your Face/Off Posts!

I do apologize to everyone that I haven’t been able to update. I have college, a job, two performances every week, four days of rehearsal, and doctor’s appointments up the ying yang consuming my time. Sadly, I haven’t been home when any of the recent shows have aired.

I’m sorry everyone, but if someone would like to colead it with me, PLEASE message me and we’ll discuss.


You excited for the new season? Thoughts?

Yes, of course. But truth be told, I don’t have much to say on the subject. I’ve been rather away from computers and tellys for a while so I haven’t really had the time to check out a bunch of the commercials :(


Hi Everybody, Do you know where i can find this beautiful photo with a good quality. I try with Syfy Group, but i have no answer. Anthony's picture: The Girl and the wood. Thx

If you can help me to remember what episode, I will be able to look further into my documents and search for the photo.


I am really sorry you have a concussion! Take care of yourself and heal up soon! -- a devoted follower without a Tumblr

This is the sweetest message I’ve gotten all day. Thank you so much [:


Review: Living The Dream
And The Winner Is